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"I started working for ANS about one year ago – ANS as been wonderful to say the least. In addition to providing shifts at many of the Chicago area hospitals, ANS works in conjunction with various ambulance companies, which adds to the numbers of shifts they are able to provide. The personnel at ANS are pleasant, easy to get in touch with, and always willing to answer questions and provide any support needed – ANS truly looks out for the best interest of their nurses. With other commitments, it was important for me find a nursing agency that could provide flexibility while maintaining high expectations, challenging assignments, and competitive pay – ANS has exceed all my expectations.​"
Juan R- ICU Nurse


""ANS is great to work for, flexible as I am. The best agency I ever worked for. Dependable, reliable hours to make any life not just a 9-5 anymore, but enjoy work & free time to the fullest!"


Bill K. - ER Nurse




"My experience working for ANS has been enjoyable in many ways. The staff is very attentive and pleasant; great consideration to my personal life is taken when making my schedule, and they always make time to speak with me when I need them. I love the variety of shift hours and hospital locations. The opportunity to either work per diem or book contracts with their clients is a sure sign of the agency's commitment to flexibility. I look forward to my nursing career with ANS." 


Steve B. - ICU, Tele, Transport Nurse


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